Privacy Policy

Customer Data Disclosure​

Unless directed by Australian law we do not release personal information of customers when requested by outside parties.

Information We Require From Customers​

We require basic contact details from customers when ordering web hosting or domain names. This includes name, address, phone and an active email address not associated with the domain you want to host with us.

We also require payment details of Credit Card via eWay or via PayPal or via GoCardLess when paying by Direct Debit.

SSL Data Encryption When Using Our Website​

All our web pages use SSL data encryption. When using our website all data sent to or from a customers web browser is encrypted with 256 bit encryption.

We Do Not Store Credit Card Details On Our Servers​

Credit Card transaction are processed using eWay which is a PCI DSS compliant Australian credit card processor. The connection to eWay is direct which means the transaction does not occur on our website or servers and takes place on eWay servers.

At no time is credit card information passed through our servers. Which means we do not store any customers credit card information on our servers. Any storage of Credit Card information takes place on eWay’s PCI DSS compliant servers.

Web Browser Cookies​

Our website uses cookies when browsing, ordering or when logged into our website. Cookies are used to maintain connection between our server and the customers web browser to facilitate essential functionality when using our services. These cookies at no time contact personal information of the customer.