Keep Your Website, Email Accounts and Customer Data Secure With Our Free Auto SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates

  • Auto Installation
  • Auto Renewal
  • Free Renewal
  • All Domains
  • 2048 bit Signatures
  • 256 bit Encryption

All Domains Using Our Web Hosting Accounts Get Free SSL​

Free SSL is available to all customers with any of our web hosting accounts. SSL is installed on all domain names associated with a hosting account. This includes the main hosting account domain, all email server domains, all addon domains and all subdomains on the account. There are no restrictions, limitations or extra costs associated with our free SSL’s.

SSL is Auto Installed Overnight​

For SSL to be installed on a domain, the domain must be pointing to our servers. This is required for the SSL to be authorised by the SSL provider. To point a domain to our servers the name servers for that domain must be set to our name servers or the A Record for that domain must be pointing to our server IP address.

These are our nameservers:
Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:

Once the domain has propagated and is pointing to our servers the SSL certificate will be automatically installed overnight. You can check if SSL is installed on a domain by typing in the domain to a web browser and including an “s” in the http part of the URL, for example

SSL is Auto Renewed on Expiry​

SSL certificates do not last forever, they have an expiry date set by the SSL provider. To ensure your domains continue to be secure we will automatically renew any SSL certificate before expiry to prevent any interruptions to your account and of course SSL renewals are also free.

We Use Trusted Sectigo High Strength SSL​

The SSL certificates we install are provided by Sectigo and have high strength 2048 bit signatures and 256 bit encryption. Sectigo has been a long time reputable provider of SSL certificates.

How to Install SSL on Your Website​

If you are unsure how to use SSL on your WordPress website you can read our How to Setup SSL page to learn more. You can contact us if you have further questions.

Signup Today to One of Our Hosting Plans​

To get started using our Free SSL certificates on your websites and emails, the first thing to do is signup to one of our web hosting plans. If you need to register a domain name you can order a cheap domain name at the same time or transfer your existing domain for little or no cost.