Terms of Service

General Terms of Use​

Customers must maintain a valid, active email address that is not hosted on our servers, for all communication and correspondence with us.

We do not allow spamming or unsolicited bulk email.

Any email mailing lists must be opted into by the email address user.

Hosting account disk space is designed for basic website hosting.

Hosting account disk space is not designed for storage.

We do not allow any harassment, defaming or misrepresentation of others using our services.

We do not allow unlicensed software, music, video or other files on our servers.

We do not allow any illegal activity on our servers.

We reserve the right to refuse any customers software application to be used on our hosting services.

Hosting accounts cannot use more than 20% of the server resources for longer than 90 seconds.

We will arbitrarily stop any file that begins using excessive amounts of server resources.

Customers must maintain their website software and keep it up to date using the latest software versions available. It’s not our responsibility to change our web server environment settings to accommodate out of date or incompatible software. It’s also not our responsibility if a website is compromised (hacked) via the website software it uses.

We maintain the right to suspend or terminate accounts if they compromise other customers or our servers or network infrastructure.

Compromised, hacked websites, hosting accounts or email accounts will need to be fixed and cleaned by the customer as soon as possible to maintain active account services.

We will notify customers by email when necessary regarding our usage terms of service.

Hosting Accounts​

All sales and support is provided through our website ticket system. Tickets can be made via our website either when logged in or not logged in. Emailing us directly will also create a ticket. Ticket history can be viewed when logged into our website. We do not provide phone support.

Hosting account inode file limit is 200,000 per account. 1 inode is equal to one file.

The size of individual database’s need to be kept under 2000MB.

Regular, automatic, off server account backups are made available for download from within cPanel.

Please note that we do not place a guarantee on these automatic backups.

Hosting accounts that use more than 15GB of disk space will not be automatically backed up.

Customers can and should manually download regular backups themselves of their accounts through cPanel.

Customers are responsible to backup all their account data.

We mirror all server data to a secondary disk drive in the case of a system disk failure.

The main hosting account domain name cannot be changed. If you want a different domain name on the hosting account you will need to either:

  1. Create an Alias in cPanel to park the domain on the existing domain.
  2. Ask us to delete the current hosting account and make a new hosting account with the new domain name.
  3. Order another hosting account for the new domain.
  4. Create an Addon Domain on the hosting account in cPanel.

Domain Names​

Terms of service for Domain Names are governed as per the rules set by each TLD Registrar. These terms and rules are available on the websites of the Registrars.

Domain renewal is not included when transferring .au domains. Once transfer is complete the domain can be renewed. .au transfers take 48hrs to complete. Other domains take approximately 7 days to complete transfer.

Billing of Services​

Payment methods include PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and AMEX.

PayPal subscriptions are available to setup when ordering or paying an invoice.

It is the responsibility of the customer to cancel a PayPal subscription if they do not want PayPal to auto charge when a PayPal subscription comes due. PayPal subscriptions can be cancelled from within a users PayPal account.

Accounts by default are set to auto renew with credit card if a valid credit card exists for the account. Auto renew can be turned off in our website login by selecting PayPal as the default payment method on the Edit Account Details page. However please note that we do not set domain name registrations to auto renew, though the customer can set specific domain names to auto renew from within our website login if they prefer.

Accounts set to auto renew using PayPal or credit card will be processed on the due date. In the case of PayPal the due date will be the PayPal subscription date which may vary slightly to the invoice date. In the case of credit card the charge date will be the invoice due date.

Invoices and payment receipts are sent by email and a history of them and the emails send are available in our website login.

Renewal invoices for services are sent at minimum 7 days before the expiry date of a service.

We provide a 30 day money back guarantee for Web Hosting only. Domain Names are not included because we must buy them from third party providers. Domain name registrations are non refundable.

Hosting billing cycle options include 1, 3, 6 and 12 months and 1, 2 and 3 years.

Domain Names .au domain dames can be registered for 1-5 years at a time. Almost all other domain types can be registered from 1-10 years at a time.

SSL Certificates are free for all domains associated with an active hosting account and are automatically installed and automatically renewed.

Any chargebacks on credit card and PayPal payments will incur a $25 fee.

Prices are subject to change at any time. Check our website for current prices.

Service Cancellation​

Hosting accounts can be cancelled through our website login. Cancellation option include immediate or at end of the current billing cycle.

When a hosting account is cancelled the account and all files will be deleted from the server.

If immediate cancellation is selected the hosting account will be deleted the night of the cancellation.

If end of current billing cycle cancellation is selected the hosting account will be deleted the night of the expiry date of the billing cycle.

Hosting accounts will be suspended after 7 days of unpaid invoices.

Hosting accounts will be deleted after 30 days of unpaid invoices.

Cancellation of domain names is not required. Domain Names will expire and then be deleted from the Registry if not renewed.

Service Termination​

Any violation of our terms of service is valid reasoning for suspension or termination of any of our services.

No Liability​

We can not make any guarantees about our services except for a 30 day money back guarantee and offering great ongoing support for our customers.When using our services liability is the customer which is why we recommend customers take regular offline backup of their whole hosting account through the several backup facilities we provide in the cPanel hosting control panel.

Legal Jurisdiction​

Once completing an order on our website, the terms as above, constitute a legal contract between us and the customer for the services ordered, which are governed by the laws of Queensland in the Commonwealth of Australia.