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Uploading your WordPress website to your hosting account

If you have a backup of your WordPress site from another host you can upload that to your web hosting account with us. It’s easier to do if you have a compressed file such as a zip folder.

Upload your Files to your Hosting Account

Upload them to your your public_html folder. Or if using an Addon domain or Subdomain upload to their respective folders.

You can use FTP but we recommend using the cPanel File Manager. You can upload a compressed file and then unpack it using the File Manager.

Create a New Database, Database User and Update wp-config.php

Create the database and user via cPanel, click the MySQL Databases icon. Create a database, create a user and password then Add User To Database and tick on All Privileges for that user.

Then go back to the File Manager and open the wp-config.php file you uploaded. In that file change the database name, user and password to be the same as those you just created in cPanel. Then save the file changes.

Import your WordPress Database

Open phpMyAdmin in cPanel. Click on the database you just created. Then click the Import link. You can then Choose File by browsing your computer for your backup sql file to import. You may find that file is in your WordPress backup zip folder, you may need to uncompress that to get the file. Then click Go, wait a bit and your all your data should get imported.

After that your WordPress is ready to go. Load your site and see if its working ok and debug if necessary.

Delete a PayPal subscription

Login to your PayPal account and go to the subscriptions page. On the subscriptions page you can delete the subscription for your web hosting with

Managing DNS Zones

If you are using our cPanel web hosting To manage your DNS records using cPanel: ► Login to cPanel ► click Zone Editor From there

Add email forwarder

► Login to cPanel ► click Forwarders  ► Add Forwarder  ► enter the “Address to Forward” you want to create  ► check the correct domain

Who can register .org.au or .asn.au domains

.org.au and .asn.au domains can only be registered by non-commercial organisations. The organisation must be registered as an Australian incorporated association or an Australian charity

Do you offer dedicated IP addresses?

No we don’t sell dedicated IP addresses for web hosting accounts. Dedicated IP addresses don’t offer any advantages for email or SEO purposes. Our outgoing

Changing ownership of a .AU domain

When transferring the ownership of a .au domain name, the domain must be re-registered to the new owners. Confirmation is required from the current and

Setting up FTP program

Filezilla is a very good free FTP program you can download and use. SFTP Settings: Protocal: SFTPHost/Hostname: ftp.mydomain.com.auPort: 5050Logon Type: NormalUsername: your cPanel usernamePassword: your

Creating email accounts

► Login to cPanel ► click Email Accounts ► click +CREATE ► enter your email username  ► enter a password  ► set the Storage Space

Installing SSL on my domain

For SSL to be successfully install on your domain, your domain must be pointing to our web hosting servers. This is so the SSL provider

Is SSL installed on my domain

You need to visit your website by typing https://yourdomain.com.au into your web browser. Don’t forget to add the “s” to the http part, that is

Check email settings

► Login to cPanel ► click Email Accounts ► click CONNECT DEVICES ► Use the SSL settings on that page SSL Email Settings Username: example@yourdomain.com.auPassword:

How to access cPanel

Easy cPanel login ► Login to our website ► click Services  ► click Active (for the domain you want to use) ► click Login to cPanel

Logging into webmail

To login to webmail using a web browser type your domain into the address bar with /webmail at the end: ► https://yourdomain.com.au/webmail ► then enter

How do I pay my invoice

Payment method options include credit card or PayPal. Manual Credit Card Login to our website: ► click Billing ► then My Invoices ► click on